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Mamed (Baku)

Greetings Mr Ilham! I have been very surprised that we have such extraordinary people in Azerbaijan. I was reading your thoughts and comments with great interest. You mentioned that "Life is made up of needs, requirements and habits" and just by only this one phrases you such precise described what is happening in our live. Also you have really very talented in detecting and describing on your photos detailed things that everyone would pass without any notice.

Elman Alibeyli (Berlin)

Hello, very esteemed Ilham muallim
I write this letter to you away from the native Azerbaijan, from Germany. I wrote several times to sites headed by you. However, after your last Project (I mean, I decided to write you personally. Because when I saw the photos on the site, especially of my region, village, the places I spent my childhood, youth years I became glad and touched upon as I am very sentimental person. At that moment some feelings woke up in me, which I can’t explain in words.
Ilham muallim, I regularly follow your business. I have got sufficient information about your biography, as an emotional author, intellectual and devout Muslim, scientist. After a very difficult time which I faced I had one conclusion that I made for myself and approximately it coincided with yours: "The Life is not alike it seems." Perhaps despite the age difference between us but for being of same opinion I felt you closer for me, native, and I try to become honest with you, to share my thoughts with you.
Dear Ilham muallim, you will agree with me, a man can evaluate correctly any event not in its course but when being aside. After I came to Germany I tried to observe many points, especially events in Azerbaijan from outside. The first conclusion that I came was that there is something missing in our activity to deliver to the world our true voice. From time to time I realized that this "gap" is understanding of our unity, responsibility for the country. For Azerbaijani living abroad to face such a reality, believe me, was too hard for me.
Finally, one day one my fellow told me the encyclopaedic site on Azerbaijan would be opened soon. Frankly, I thought at first it would not be so effective. Because I knew few such incomplete, weak sites. But when I found out that this site would be in 7 languages, so I was interested in, and waited impatiently for the opening of the site. In fact, I sent information to people whom I knew.
One of the most significant events for me was the launching of site When I saw that such large database about our country in 7 languages was created, indeed my pride rose. Believe me, I was avidly reading each section. So as if I fell sudden in the middle of Azerbaijan.
To read site for a couple of days, to look at pictures, to note self interesting information was the my main tasks. The fact that site is in German, too, gave me a good opportunity. I used to talk to all Germans around me about Azerbaijan, its culture, art, history, nature, intellectuals and about successes. As if it gave me a special energy, stimulus, initiatives. Believe me the site turned for me a real weapon. Some comfort, trust was created in the depth of my heart. Since several years now I felt myself as a son of the ancient and rich soil. Finally, after our films, spectacles were uploaded in site, after online TV and radio began to function, every evening I sit down with my family after work either watching movies or listening our sweet music. The feelings that I experienced, the people living away from native lands can feel better.
Ilham muallim, for me, one of the most memorable days was launching of the site about Garabagh. Earlier I had some talks and even disputes with my friends of different nationalities living here on the Garabagh realities. But as I had not grounded facts with me (and not in German) sometimes I felt myself helpless and get strongly nervous of this condition. At last I could escape from this misfortune. After opening of the site I was able to convince many people that Garabagh is our eternal and historic land.
Finally, the last, site was one that I expected. Whatever I read about Azerbaijan, to see with own eyes, to watch is much better and nothing can replace it. First of all I found my region and then village. As I did not see those places for a long time, believe me, that whole body trembled with excitement. Ironically, I became bored much and how to say after seeing native lands I could slightly suppress my nostalgia. Frankly speaking, I get touched upon even. If you know where these pictures took my dream ...
Dear Mr Ilham, the principal goal in sharing with you all my feelings is to express my deep gratitude to you. How good is that Azerbaijan has the patriot son that is proud with country, state, nation, culture, history. I think to love in this case is less, it is necessary to work like you. Understand me right, perhaps such projects are needed more for Azerbaijanis living abroad more than those who live in Azerbaijan.
Dear Mr Ilham, I perhaps talked more, so I beg your pardon but for a long time I could not share my pains with somebody. I believe that the time will come Azerbaijan will say its word all over the world; will be the most powerful state. And then your activity in this field will be evaluated and everyone will welcome you. I am sure that this day is not far away. I thank you on behalf of my family, my son, my daughter, all of them are your admirer. Whenever you visit Germany, know that there is a house of you. Thank you very much once again.

Answer: Dear Elman Alibeyli
Personally on my behalf I thank you for your kind and warm words in my address. As Azerbaijani your efforts to make something for Azerbaijan in country of your residence was pleased with me much. Indeed, to make the state popular in abroad and to make it be loved abroad should be not only the main task of nowadays but for always. In this case, all Azerbaijanis of the world should be united and step forward together.
Once again I thank you and in your person I wish success and solidarity to all Azerbaijanis.
Ilham Abduyev

Azad Piriyev (Baku)

Dear Ilham muallim, happy birthday! I wish you strong health, happiness, successes in all works and initiatives!

Kamil Aliyev (Baku)

Dear Ilham muallim! I congratulate you on the occasion of your birthday!
You spent your talent, creative, expedient activities, experience and your energy for in all times to interest of our country. We believe that projects and work that will be implemented in future will be directed to popularization of our country.
Honourably, Kamran Aliyev

Matanat (Baku)

Ilham bey, happy birthday!
Wish you strong health, happiness, inexhaustible energy for carrying out of the plans that you intended, successes in your works.

Teymur Musayev (Baku)

Very respected Ilham muallim!
Please, accept my the most cordial congratulations on the occasion of your birthday! Your efforts in the direction of the introducing of Azerbaijan are worthy to the deepest respect. Our country is known more closely thanks to you creative energy and expedient activities. I wish you success in work once again and we wait with impatience your future projects!

Azer Farajov (Baku)

Mr. Ilham Abduyev!
Today at 3rd of August is your birthday. I congratulate you and your dears on the occasion of this beautiful day! Your well-wisher actions, projects, especially those implemented recently and sites increase our sympathy to you. Once again wishing you successes in your work. Honorably, Azer

Seljan (Turkey)

Ilham bey, cordial congratulation on your birthday. The projects implemented by you attract my attention like other Azerbaijanis. Our all fellow-countrymen, studying, working abroad introduces our country with the help of these projects to the world. We congratulate you on behalf of our family, friends, we wish successes in your works! Never get tired”

Osman Gahramanov (Baku)

Dear Ilham muallim!
It is pleasant for me to congratulate you on your birthday! I wish you health, long life, so you be able to implement your work waiting you in future in more perfect form

Mubariz Aliyev(Baku)

Dear Ilham muallim!
I congratulate you cordially on the occasion of your birthday; I wish you successes in your work! I visit your site constantly and I consider your projects very valuable! Honourably, Mubariz Aliyev

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