Paths are separated from ways, too,
Paths are planed from ways.
Path from ways
Flame up.

Life story

Hi, my friend!
Again my eyes wetted,
My heart trembles…
It is this better

My lost days

Having lean my face to cry of loneliness,
Trying to get information on reliable friend
For some reason,


When night comes a moon takes a birth,
Then it melts the dark, and flows.
And one pleasant day may be a gift at once,
To everybody, in the life’s beginning or at the end

Mists stopped

My life should be coddled, adorned,
I have run away from small senses.
My soul did not get into earth,
And now I have gone begging to skies, too

On the dreams’wing

I know end of everything
will reach….
Last hope runs out, too
in words.


On the ways that
I walked with misery,
My fate was spread grain by grain.


I cannot endure to carefulness,
I cannot walk more carefully
I cannot lay my thoughts, feelings
at white sheets more.

I have an inclination to go out to outside

White rains will not rain,
Curses will not affect me,
Applauses will flow on my face.
I have an inclination to go out.

You have turned and went

... once
I have got warm with your breath,
My heart shivered with your voice.
We have been separated...
Our hopes
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