Our anti-matter world

The science explains the creation of the universe with a theory of Big Bang. According to the scientists, there was nothing before Big Bang and from this "nothing", exactly saying from singular point, the explosion took place.

The ceiling of the Earth

Human being studies the environment that surrounds him throughout his life, and consciously and is trying to find answers to the questions that bother him. The purpose of this research is only one – to set the right life.

Deja vu

Because our life is very complex, mysterious, we, men are always in the search of the answer of the questions worrying us for centuries. Deja vu process has come across with the life of each man.


While analyzing the human creature since the moment of formation, it is possible to see how many shortcomings, faults he had committed from the moment of own existence.


Everything has been created by the God and there is no doubt that all lively beings with their unique characteristics are proofs of infinite power and knowledge of the Almighty.
In many ayats of Koran, there are mentions about the serving of each created to ”sign and lesson".

A sense of evil

A sense of evil likewise other senses it is important condition for human with the existence as history of mankind. A man with healthy sense must be far from a sense like evil. A man should try to do good for those who make him evil, or should leave it for the God.

The creation of Adam and Eve

One of the questions that interests every man, manes him to think is its first creation. It is known that the father of all people Adam and mother Eve were created by the power and science of Almighty God.

Struggle between the two worlds

Human being tries to understand material world by learning it regularities. This point sometimes corresponds to it and in some cases it is also difficult to understand. Because when a man

Reincarnation: is it legend or truth?

Transferring of dead person's spirit to another person's body is called as the reincarnation. This idea has been the subject of much discussion among philosophers since the ancient times.

Programmed life

The man hears conceptions of paradise and hell since the moment understanding the world. The themes on existence of these two spaces are touched in all religions and there is information about the passage of human life in these two spaces.
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