"Perception of the world happens at intercourse" "The objective of opening a website is to become "Apple of Newton" for scientists"

"The only way followed by you should be this one: "Don't harm anybody"!"

"Don't hurry to feel hurt if you did not hear a congratulation of your loved one among other congratulations. Once again have a look at congratulation messages! If it is absent there then look for that man among deceased ones"

"If all of your relatives are drowning in the sea then to whom would you throw a rope? -
Don't you know? I would not throw the rope to any of my relatives."

"The most beautiful people of the world are villagers or I love villagers very much"

"One capable to love himself is happy in the life"

"Almighty forgives mistakes and sins of a man. But a man cannot forgive himself mistakes and sins committed by him during a life"

"Disappearance belongs to Allah, and existence of disappearance is a sign of existing of other invisible space"

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