Our anti-matter world


The science explains the creation of the universe with a theory of Big Bang. According to the scientists, there was nothing before Big Bang and from this "nothing", exactly saying from singular point, the explosion took place. The explosion took place once, is still expanding now. Explosion and expansion following the explosion led to the beginning of the Universe.
At the first moments of the explosion the temperature was high, and then gradually it falls to a certain temperature regime. At each phase of the Big Bang the gas was formed and particles gradually began to rise, which led to creation of matter. Particles and anti-particles were formed, more precisely, the main part of nucleus – corpuscle was created. Particles and anti-particles began to form photons, quark and antiquark, then protons and neurotrons. Overall, the microparticles were appeared. In parallel with the formation of these particles their antiparticles, in other words the matter and antimatter were formed. However, at the process of formation the resistance of matter and antipodes occurred, as a result, this or other structure won, and it created conditions for the emergence of a new product. When temperature stabilized to normal, at some point matching between the matter and the antimatter was violated in favor of matter and it almost got a little high position and that matter is now accepted as the Universe.

Today, scientists accepting Big Bang as a major factor try to study all the phases of this process. If during the development of the universe as a result, matter and antimatter that completed each other was formed, so the important long phase for the appearance and formation of matter and antimatter – the time was existed. Formation of antimatter and on its base formation of matter leads us to a thought on existence of 2 worlds, the material and anti-material. Existence of matter and antimatter was proved by science and its important role in the development of universe is often stressed, or rather if there were no matter, there would not be antimatter, too. The concept of "matter" includes same matters, invisible, but which can be seen with the aid of sophisticated equipment - atoms, protons, electrons, photons. Science has now proven that if there is a matter, there should be antimatter, too. If we take a person as a material entity, so he has relevant anti-material body, too. But where is this anti-material body? It maybe lives in a parallel world. The life of anti-material body accompanies its material existence.
Similar tandem assumes that if material body wants to perform any action, then it does this action together with anti-material body.
The science proved an existence of particles and anti-particles indirectly proves the existence of a parallel world, too.

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