The ceiling of the Earth


Human being studies the environment that surrounds him throughout his life, and consciously and is trying to find answers to the questions that bother him. The purpose of this research is only one – to set the right life.
Once while I was looking at the window of the plane on clouds I inevitably I asked myself: Why these clouds fly on a certain level and plane? People have an impression, as if there is some limit that does not allow them to go up.
There is a verse in the Koran that says the "The God had created one ceiling on skies for people." If we regard these words to clouds, we will see that the ceiling as mentioned in the Koran is a limit that prevents clouds to go up. But what this "ceiling" is?
I have analyzed this process and tried to explain it. It is known that the water on earth is always evaporated. It rises in the sky as steam and we know that the water freezes at 0C° degrees. The evaporation of water occurs at average temperature of the air, day and night, regardless of seasons. The temperature of air is zero in the skies or with negative degrees, so evaporated water freezes and cannot reach the upper limit than it has.
The limit of that "ceiling" in the sky is the ceiling of the ground. The difference of sky and ground begins from here. Depending on air temperature, it either rains or snowing from the clouds. More precisely, ay minis temperatures is snows down and at plus temperature its rains. In this way, the water circulates between ground and sky.
If there were no such ceiling regulated by the different temperature regimes, there would not be no life and existence at Earth.

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