Deja vu


Because our life is very complex, mysterious, we, men are always in the search of the answer of the questions worrying us for centuries. Deja vu process has come across with the life of each man. What is Deja vu? Some event happens in the life and man knows for sure this happened ever but cannot recall it and this psychological status is called Deja vu. This case is known to the science and it was investigated enough. And sometimes the event that we came across or any feelings arises at places where we go as we have been here before and people meeting with these circumstances sometimes feel themselves as mastered the super strength.
"Deja vu" phenomenon was always at focus of attention of psychologists and is being investigated today. Some investigations carried out show that the main factor causing deja vu is the more active activities of the some parts of the brain.
It is normal that each man has once or twice of deja vu in the week. This feeling at least once lived in the life of everybody is striking, incomprehensible, mysterious and some threatening. Some people accept the deja vu effect as psychical experiment. But for some people these are instant cadres of the previous lives went out and coming without invitation. Although the investigations are on, but deja vu effect remains for us as mystery at present.
There are some theories about deja vu, and even there is some theory that man in the past had lived one or some lives and each time he was in mastering of different craft and has been of the different sex.
According to the new idea spread recently the cause of the deja vu process is a delay of information exchange between right and left brain hemispheres when a man is sleepless or tired. When information that was in one hemisphere is accepted by other hemisphere, we feel the same event as repeatedly living of that event.
No doubt, these theories cannot be either denied or proved. I would like to share my approach to this problem with you. All moments happening in processes are created by micro-bodies and regularities specific to them. In the result of the legal processes happening in the micro-bodies or in self quantum it is possible to find an answer to mysterious processes to science. These events are available in micro bodies being at human organisms, too. Man does not feel it, and therefore each sensation perceives with the help of his (her) consciousness. But consciousness cannot perceive him (her, it).
Scientific results of today say that at study of micro-body or quantum it becomes clear that quantum can be adjusted in one point compared to macro-body.
In other words every thing in our life vibrates. If we take eco as an example we can imagine this.
Each action of men, nature is similar to the eco of our voice - like vibration. During vibration motion, the moving object is at different points and each of these cases resembles to others but they are not the same. This is possible to say in this case that the man himself (herself) exists in a few circumstances, too. But consciousness of the man sees it in this circumstance. If we liquidate the consciousness or if we bring to nothing its activities in ourselves, then we would be living in few circumstances at the same time and at different directions of development.
Deja vu evidently is living by man of events occurred in other cases at preset time. That is if event comes to me or another man as acquaintance, we must accept it as event which occurred in other circumstance.
As this kind of information is perceived by consciousness with delay, the circumstances of double sensation happen.
I think that in that case it is not necessary to be anxious of this case in terrible degree, sooth to say it is necessary to guard ourselves from future mistakes, mistaken motions and accept it and observe it.


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