While analyzing the human creature since the moment of formation, it is possible to see how many shortcomings, faults he had committed from the moment of own existence. These shortcomings are numerous and various. The shortcomings in some are in full completion and in some are selective. Unfortunately, unless the human society exists with its negative aspects, none of these shortcomings will be liquidated, will be abandoned.
I would like to talk about envy, jealousy, one of these shortcomings, as if born together with a man. It exists in all regardless of age, gender and social status, simply in some people this feeling is clearly expressed and in somebody manifests itself very excessively. Even some people that feel this sense in self confess it and say about themselves that "I envy in the good sense, I think, this is a white envy in me".
When describing the feeling of envy, we can say that this feeling is an energy that accumulated in human body, which manifests itself later in a specific period of time. What is the reason of creation of such a powerful feeling, and sometimes with destructive power? It seems to me that the answer is very simple - closeness (in the given context not the corporeal but domestic and physical closeness are considered), at course of close personal liaison of two men the life mode of one party becomes known to the other party, and it creates the conditions for comparative analysis. However, the shorter the distance between the envying person and the object of envy and the closer the relationship, the feeling of envy will be strong.
People say that the negative energy formed from envious person's views, words, and actions has a destructive power and there are some means to prevent it. From the history it is known to us, with the strength of feeling of envy much oppression, invasions, cruel murders were committed. Many words had been written about it, many ideas were told.
It is interesting that there are interesting verses in Al-Falaq surah of Koran describing the power of the envy in a simple and beautiful way:

(O Muhammad) Say, “I seek refuge with the Lord of the daybreak
From the evil of everything He has created, (mankind, jinn, wild animals)
and from the evil of the dark night when it penetrates(or: setting moon, dying stars),
and from the evil of the women who blow on the knots(or: making a knot with ropes by magic),
and from the evil of an envier when he envies. “

While reading and analyzing this Surah, not only the strength of feeling of envy but also the way to prevent self from it, is shown. Here the God equalizes the evil of envier with evil of sun, moon, stars, in other words, it is noted that it has so powerful negative energy like the power of the planets and celestial bodies. Every healthy-minded and conscientious people should absolutely protect self from this sense of envy, otherwise he will not be secured from failure and loss. But just asking help from the God and reading this Al-Falaq surah, a man can protect self and relatives from negative energy of such people, from evil and greed.

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