Everything has been created by the God and there is no doubt that all lively beings with their unique characteristics are proofs of infinite power and knowledge of the Almighty.
In many ayats of Koran, there are mentions about the serving of each created to ”sign and lesson".
In 88th Surah of Koran (Gashiya) in 17th Ayat the Almighty speaks about a camel, an animal that requires a great care and thinking". The Almighty attracts our attention to this lively being with ayat of Koran where it is said that: "Really they don’t look how the camel had been created?". It is likely that this a sign of characteristics of a camel like an animal with an unusual, magical creatures of God. Let’s us look at the gathered information on distinguishing features of camel from other animals.
Although the camel is a huge but very sensitive and obeying animal, which is very different from other animals living outside. Indeed there was a great wisdom and mysterious cases in the creation of the camel. Despite its external appearance is rough, large, with curved neck, long legs, but all this is so much beauty to it, in spite of being a huge animal it is soft, gentle and with subtle features. Its eyes are large and black, views are merciful and compassionate. Such powerful animal is obeyed to all. This miraculous animal can drink up to a maximum of 200 liters of water at once. Camels are single and double humped. In fact, humps of camels do not store water. The fat that helps to reduce the high temperature of its rest body is accumulated in it. The temperature of camel’s body is always higher than the external temperature. Therefore, its does not sweat, does not lose a water and the temperature of these animals’ body varies between 34-41 degrees of Celsius during the day. Their fur reflects the sunlight and protects the body from the desert’s high temperature.
All living creatures carry out their vitamins with self. Animals get these vitamins from plants. But camel on the contrary, self produces these vitamins. One of the unusual features of the camel is that they can close their nose holes when required to protect self from sand and wind. If camel lies just for sleeping or resting, it is impossible to make it stand unless it desires self.
Its walk is slow, calm, but leg is long, so its movement is rapid. Every animal has one knee in leg but the camel has two knees in each leg. When camel sits its leg bends two times. Camel’s neck is long and curved. In this case, it is acting as staircase to ride on it. When feeds its long neck is opened and stretched, and it can take grass and water from the ground. Its knee has a very thick fat mass, which acts as “cushion” ’and when touched a ground with heavy load this fat layer protects it from injury.
This beautiful and huge animal, with its existence and different characteristics inform about the unique miracles of our Almighty.

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