A sense of evil


A sense of evil likewise other senses it is important condition for human with the existence as history of mankind. A man with healthy sense must be far from a sense like evil. A man should try to do good for those who make him evil, or should leave it for the God. Being far from the deeds like evil He would become the lovely servant of the God and can gain many blessings. It is advised to forgive those making evil for all and reconcile with him, humiliation of one man by other, envying somebody is condemned, it is advised to be far from disclosing of lacks, secrets of somebody, gossiping about someone, and a reward for it is promised. Ayats 40 and 43 of the Holy Koran’s Surats 42, as well as surat 49 mentioned about it. Doing evil or doing evil with taking revenge is the same. When someone does an evil deed he names it with some name. No one says that I did an evil, but rather he says that I was nervous, got angry, or the opposite side did not act rightly, etc. As a result, the evil deed is done. When somebody takes revenge he says that I take revenge, but does evil and as a result of this evil deed takes place, human psychology gets corrupted and human, and human loses his pure way and get in a wrong way. Refraining from revenge human protects himself from the evil action, and by protecting own psychology, pure soul he continues to understand Divine science correctly. We human being forget that all the people are servants of God, and He brings everybody to right way after certain period. Some people repent and come to the right path. Today a man that does an evil tomorrow can be in advantage or vice versa. Nobody knows it, therefore everybody should think himself, do not take own revenge, own evil and should leave it for God, rely on Him. Perhaps, you have to forgive those who did evil for you or if you do good for him that man would become shy of his actions and would take the right way. And thus you will be having a great role in getting of someone on right path, and certainly it will be rewarded highly. Do not do evil, but do good, and love all the people, because they are God’s servants.

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