Reincarnation: is it legend or truth?


Transferring of dead person's spirit to another person's body is called as the reincarnation. This idea has been the subject of much discussion among philosophers since the ancient times. The majority of the world's best-known philosophers have adopted this philosophical concept, and some were agreed with possibility of existence. But many scientists do not accept this process in any way. The facts, articles, works, etc submitted for evidence is not enough to accept the process of reincarnation. In this process other man talks about the events in the life of the dead man, at another time and another space. In other words, the stories from life of dead man are described by other as if it happened with him. The process is presented here as transferring of information in human’s subconsciousness to consciousness.
We also know that the subconsciousness of man is located at his spirit and consciousness at his body. Due to the fact that information of subconsciousness is in human spirit the existence of reincarnation process is confirmed. There is one believe among people, believers: For examples: human becomes ill and no diagnosis can be given on his death. It is said then this man was captured by the spirit of the dead man. Therefore, by carrying out certain rites that man is cured.
It is known that the human’s energetic body is formed from two energetic body - cosmic energy of ovum and embryo cells concentrated at the time of synthesis. From the first moment of its establishment, the energy body is linked with cosmic and archaic subconciousncess content and immediately after creation the energetic body begins to pass information to material body for structure through subconciousncess. The energetic body is immortal. It was existed before emerging of man to the world and will exist after his death by separating from his material body to continue its existence as part of cosmic consciousness. We know that the energy body or in other word the spirits are available in human body.
Basing on above-said we may know that even when a human is an embryo in the womb of the mother, it creates own database of unconsciousness. The information in universe is used in formation of subconsciousness, which plays a major role in its development.
Summarizing our considerations on process of transferring of dead person's spirit to alive man or his body - reincarnation process, I would like to express my opinion that there is no reincarnation, because from the first moment of human birth, being in the form of embryo, he has own spirit and no strange spirit can drive it out from the body.

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