Programmed life


The man hears conceptions of paradise and hell since the moment understanding the world. The themes on existence of these two spaces are touched in all religions and there is information about the passage of human life in these two spaces. Of course, some people have a little skeptical attitude to this information, and even after do not believe that they would revive after death. Of course, in all the heavenly books, particularly in Koran, there are verses calling for them to believe in paradise and hell. If a man is born self then he had a right to not believe in that. However, we men come to the world by the will of the people, and of course, if he wants he can re-create us. So there is no reason not to believe in the Hell and Paradise.
"No! Of course, the book of actions of those went on bad actions (unbelievers) is in of (where the Evil Deeds were written, or the sub-layer of the Hell is located) Sijjin! "
And what do you know (where from know) that what is Sijjin? (Or: What is Sijjin, do you know?). It is a written a book. "
And then said to them:" This is yours (in the world) accepted as lies (Hell)" will be said.
No! (Believers can not be the same as unbelievers). Of course, the book of actions of believers, owners of good deeds and abeyance (the place where the deeds of the most pure slaves of Allah were written, or the highest level of the Paradise) is in Illiyyun!
And what do you know (wherefrom know) what is Illiyyun?
It is a written a book. "
From above verses it becomes clear that the processes taking place in these two space, are written processes and they were reflected in the books of Siccini and Illiyun. We should understand the word “Book" in the broad sense. In other words, these processes are a program written, within which all the events were occurred and will occur. And unless there is such a distribution, so these places would maintain their permanency. Assuming on these similar (recurring events) we can say that the events in the Earth is a written program. However, we men is provided with the choice of living in process, which determines the selection of the future. Therefore, no one can be wrong in the choice.

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