Some thoughts from ayats of “Baqara” surah (8-22)


There are some people that while having not believed in Allah and Judgment Day say that “We believe in Allah and Judgment Day”. They think that by hiding the lies and committed sins in their hearts they would deceive Allah. But in fact, they deceive themselves. They have doubt in Allah, hate and envy in hearts. Allah would increase their evil intentions, and would punish them painfully for offenses committed by them! Usually, when one says to such people: "Try not to make evil, do not use haram, be the owner of the good deed!", they reply: "We do only good, we have no deal with evil". When saying “we just do goods they even don’t try to understand the substance of their sins, as if they do not understand it. When one says them: "Come to the truth" they reply among themselves as: "We also have to come to believe like foolish men? We are already in the way of truth". When they meet with a believer they say: "We are humans like you, we came to believe, too". However, when they stay face to face with their Satan friends that deceive them, they say: "We are with you, but we just mock at believers, honest and pure, good people". So in place of doing such deeds Allah would also make mockery at them in the world and the Hereafter and would give them so life of grace in this world they would be perplexed inside of own sins and deeds. They are sons of Allah that purchased wrong path instead of right path. And their commerce would not bring profits and would not go on way of truth. The condition of such people is similar to the person who fired shots into the dark night. When the fire would illuminate the surrounding people Allah would switch off their light and would make them to find self in darkness. When the fire burnt around them passes the light and darkness among the s. They are deaf, dumb and blind, and would not hear the Truth, speak and see. Therefore, they would not retreat from bad habits and deeds. Or those people look like people fell under rain in darkness under the thunder and lightning in the sky and feeling the fear of thunder noise they would close their ears. Thunder strike as if would take their eye light and make them blind. When the thunder provides them light they would walk under its beam and when darkness comes on them they would stay wherever they were.
We people need to worship to our Lord who created us and those before us so we get afraid of Allah and avoid evil deeds! We should not join anybody deliberately to Allah that has not similarity and that deliver us feed from various fruits, and that created for us sky, land and rain!

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