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In this article I would like to talk about sources of origin of live beings, referring on ayats from the Koran.
As is known the place of dwelling and existence of most clever of live beings of the human being had been chose a planet the Earth.
The information which bears in itself ayats throws light on some aspects exciting us. In them the special attention draws a word “WE”. In our concept the God is sole and there is nobody above the Allah. Use of a similar turn “we” in plural lets to us know that probably it is an original search of a being which would become the worthy assistant for him, otherwise what for was necessity for application of this word.
Frequency of use of a similar word has suggested an idea to me that namely set of undiscovered secrets, concerning origin of the Universe is hidden in it.
15 (23) “After all – we reanimate and mortify, and we are descendants” If by a word “WE” it was meant Almighty himself, you see that the Creator could not become personally successor to himself. Most likely, it is a question of some force or about a creature in certain space and possessing advanced intelligence. However, it is to be noted that in some ayats the sense of a word “we” nevertheless has a direct sense, namely concerns to the Creator.
Some scientists studying the Koran had stated a hypothesis concerning the given word, as if the word is applied to angels. However it is not necessary to forget that the concept “angel” in the Koran was used literally and in clear text. It is possible to offer hypothetically certainly one more version of this word that value can be applied to beings living on other planets and in other galaxies which possibly are out of a reach of our understanding and take the most active participation in occurring processes in space.
21(4) "He said: "My Lord knows speech in skies and on earth; He hears, knows everything”. The thought that there is the “word”, put in the given ayat means that even in heavens (as it seems to me, it is necessary to understand it as a space) there are the live and wise beings, capable to think and talk.
It would be desirable to share with you with one interesting fact. In some ayats the history is told about Prophet Ibrahim, house of which was visited by beings unfamiliar to him hitherto. Having seen a fright on the face of the owner of the house they have hastened to calm him and have informed on a fast birth of the son, a unique person. And in the subsequent ayats an appearance of similar visitors and to the Prophet Lot that pushes us on thought on presence of beings from other planets, is described. And, these beings named angels as it has been told there, had been granted by Almighty for rescue of the Prophet Lot and his family.
In general other fact is interesting; in many ayats it is written about live beings of inhuman shape that allows considering them as their representatives of other galaxies of our Universe. Most often they are mentioned as “angels” and “envoys” of Almighty called to struggle with evil spirits, a sin and debauchery on the earth.
Also, some ayats are devoted to the Flood, there it is said about an ark on which animals and people have found the rescue. It is difficult to imagine the sizes of this vessel on which all kinds of plants and animals have gone in. Hypothetically, it can be imagined as a spaceship on which the best samples of seeds of plants and animals have been collected. Besides it, there were also the beings operating a vessel onboard of the ship, and they selected the elite, Noah and his family and taken aboard.
It would be desirable to note the following that in the Koran it is possible to meet very often the expressions like “have created other kind”, “have generated other heritage”. It seems to me the case is about “cleaning” where all negative is wiped off the earth. Most likely, a main objective of similar “cleaning” is a possibility of preservation of balance between all negative and positive.
There is such impression as if by means of similar “cleaning” the genetics of the human being will be improved. Probably even that similar correction is purposeful process of creation of the advanced person. For an example, it is enough to compare the person living well at least 2000 years ago and present, his contemporary.
In the conclusion, it would be desirable to notice that only correctly studying and interpreting ancient sources of knowledge, we can understand essence of our life and open doors in other worlds in search of wise beings similar to us.

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