Additional information about myself


Abduyev Ilham Muhktar oglu

I was born on August 3, 1958 in Baku city.
I had finished a secondary school in 1975.
I had graduated from Faculty of Biology of Azerbaijan State University in 1980.
I had worked as scientific staff in Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Republic during 1979-1990 years.
I was conferred a scientific degree (candidate of sciences) in 1988.
I had worked as Director General of Scientific Production Unit of Pharmacology and Folk Medicine of the Ministry of Health during 1990-1995 years.
I had served in positions of various senior officers in Military Forces of Azerbaijan Republic during 1995-2008 years.
Rank is colonel.
Presently I work in private company.
I am married.

Additional information about myself

I get enjoyed not just seeing the nature but to work there.
I'd like to get into river, lake, sea and got wet instead of viewing by sitting at banks of running river, lake or sea. I don't mean swimming as I can't swim.
I don't like those who go for hunting. I feel mercy on forest animals. And respect the wolf. I'd rather prefer to go to forest or nature to crop the fruits, berries and to read books sitting under the big forest tree and drinking tea. I have got about 20 hectares of fruit garden near the forest and the number of trees there is more than 10000 (ten thousand). I am planning to get engaged in bee keeping in summer as the honey is very useful product. I can to identify the quality honey just by looking at it. Even my friends ask my help in this regard often. I like to eat honey; unfortunately I can't eat more because it raises my blood pressure.
I'd like to eat a lot of apricot, and never would say that I am sated. May be that is why I like summer months. May be my birthday in summer, I can't say. I feel myself happy when I wake up at birthday.
I don't like to get gifts but I am forced to get them. I get gladden when I present gifts to somebody. When I present a gift there certainly should be roses of red or pink colors. As roses are my most loved flowers. Their number should be 17 - my most lovely and luckiest number or 33 - the number of Jesus Christ.
And when somebody present me valuable watch, I don't get gladden, I even say to my all my closest people that I get gladden not from any valuable costly gift but from cheap watch. As my friends and closest persons fulfill my wishes so I can be called as watch collecting man. I myself collect knives of various sizes and designs from childhood. Despite of it if any man asks me to give him any watch or knife from my collection, I'd give him it with great pleasure.
But I never would give me somebody any of my books. I like to read books and I read it fast. Among poets and writers I like mostly Shakespeare, Goethe and Byron. I like very much to choose for hours the books from book stores for reading. I give preference mostly to scientific books. Undoubtedly, since long years a lot of books were gathered in home. I present them regularly to central library by selecting them.
I deem it my duty to help those who writes book by having no opportunity to publish them. I try to give those who ask for money no a money but something in the form of gift. No, if he asks like a loan, I don't give it. In general, I spend a lot of money and I have almost no money in reserve. I spend all of them. When I visit restaurants with my friends I certainly pay the bill, even if I was called as a guest. I like to eat tasty meals, and particularly I prefer sea foods. I don't like to under music. I like listening music while driving. As a usual I listen to rock or the Blues. I know by heart songs of the Deep Purple group. Bu my mostly loved is Jesus Christ Superstar - a rock opera. I listen to this creation since age of 15. I listen to other music as a second type. I don't like listening to a classic music. But there are some singers who played roles in films and sang their songs in those films, and I like among of them. For example Sezen Aksu (Film of "Sercecik") etc. Among film actors I like Tommy Lee Jones. I'd like to award him a title of most talented actor of the XX century. One of my wish is to shoot film. But it is not a realistic idea. I don't like paining art. My most sincere wish is to build one mosque with yard of big area, library, madrasah etc in Baku city. If Allah will gift it to me I can say that I lived the life meaningfully.

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